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potato & tortilla bag – make it yourself!!

February 8, 2008

I love cruising around the web and looking up random stuff. I especially love the amount of “How To” stuff on the web. I stumbled upon someone looking for a potato microwave bag. “A What?!” So I searched. Then, I searched for how to make one. Unfortunately, my camera is on the fritz (gravity isn’t a camera’s friend) so I can’t show you what I came up with just yet. But, I’ll tell you instead.

I had some 200ct muslin and ultra low loft cotton batting laying around. I made two 22″ x 10 ” rectangles from muslin, and one from the batting. Sandwiched the batting, and serged the top and bottom 10″ ends. Then, I folded it  to make a 10″ x 10″ square pocket with a 2″ flap. I sewed the flap down and the sides together at the same time on the serger. And, presto. A potato & tortialla warmer. I guess you can do corn too. But, I’ll have to change the size. I’m thinking 14-16″ finished height.
I did bake a couple potatoes in it, and they did turn out nicely. I think the better part was that 2 hours after cooking, I had one still in there, and it was still warm! Very nice. I can’t wait to try it out with tortillas! I bet they stay warm and moist all through dinner.

If you’re going to make one, make sure you use 100% cotton on everything including the thread. NO POLYESTER! Polyester melts. I’m thinking a set of three, in different sizes could make a great gift. If you’re an advanced quilter, you’ll have everything on hand you’ll need. It took me just minutes. Looking to raise a little money? Sell them.

p.s. Got ideas of your own? Share them! I’d love to hear.

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